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The Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda has articulated the efforts of the key players and stakeholders of the Mediterranean arena. After being presented in many forums, discussed, enriched with new contributions, a common vision has been jointly agreed  with certain future research priorities. The EFIMED Network is called to advocate for it and implement nationally, so that in the coming years some answers can be given to today's relevant questions in forestry.

The vision on the future of Mediterranean forests is based on four major elements:

 - Climate change and land use changes will markedly impact forest ecosystems (by an increase degradation, deforestation, forest fires, etc) and the functions they fulfill (water regulation, soil protection, etc), to such a critical level that they could be seriously endangered;
- Expected climate changes will result in the extension of Mediterranean-like conditions to new areas.

 - Living with recurrent wildfires requires a change of paradigm, by shifting from a predominant short term driven fire control policy, towards longer term policies aimed at acting on the structural causes of fires and integrating fire and forest management strategies.

 - Mediterranean forests can provide a large diversity of goods and services to human societies, subject to the design and implementation of new and improved economic, policy and governance instruments, taking into account wider rural development policies.

 - Silviculture and multifunctional management of Mediterranean forests and woodlands in the context of the management of multiple-use and multi-scale landscapes require the development of new decision-support models, systems and processes.

Extracted from the MFRA, 2009.

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