EFIMED Annual Meeting 2010 - Antalya

EGorriz_Koprulu kanyon2.jpg : 72.0322265625KbMediterranean forests are one of the most vulnerable forest ecosystems on earth due to their marked fragility and instability as caused by harsh climatic conditions, long-lasting pressure by humans, recurrent fires, etc. Climate change in the Mediterranean region is revealing itself by temperature increase, change in precipitation regimes, and more frequent extreme events, such as drought, heat waves and storms. Furthermore, climatic models estimate that this situation will be aggravated in the next decades as they project a steady rise in temperatures, a significant decrease in rainfall and more frequent extreme events (droughts). As a consequence, forest growth and yield are expected to decline and forests will become more susceptible to biotic (pathogen and pests outbreaks) and abiotic risks (droughts and forest fires), which in turn will increase their frequency and intensity due to climate change (prolonged droughts and hot spells will aggravate forest fire risks, thermophilic pathogens species will become more virulent, etc).

EFIMED Scientific Seminar aims to improve the understanding of climate driven risks and its integration in forest management, which is crucial for developing management strategies and sound policies that support the adaptation of Mediterranean forest ecosystems to the changing conditions.

The programme will include networking workshops, allowing participants to better interact and rise new projects and initiatives. The Annual meeting will include interesting Field Trip to the Taurus Mountains.

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