Improving the science-policy dialogue on the hot issue of forest fires

The Discussion paper "Living with wildfires: what can science tell us" was presented by representatives of the team of authors in Brussels. Representatives from the competent ministries from EU countries attended and discussed on the topic.

The Discussion paper as well as such science-policy dialogue meeting, hopefully, can provide a good basis for future science-based strategies and policies to anticipate to emerging challenges related to the hot issue of forest fires.

The Standing Forestry Committee

The Standing Forestry Committee (SFC) was set up in 1989. The Committee represents forestry administrations of the EU Member States. The SFC acts as an advisory and management body for specific forestry measures. It is also an ad-hoc consultation forum that provides expertise in forest-related measures in different Community policies (e.g. rural and environment). It provides as well a venue for exchange of information among Member States, and between Member States and the Commission.

Translation to national languages by USSE

The Discussion paper has already had a strong impact among the stakeholders, in particular forest owners. In that respect, the Union of Foresters of Southern Europe (USSE) has decided to provide a French, Spanish and Portuguese translation of the paper to better reach their members and other key national actors. By doing so, it is hoped that the voice of experienced scientists will be heard by decision-makers and society at large.

Document available as pdf

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