EFIMED signs a MoU with the Mediterranean Model Forest Network

The Mediterranean Model Forest Network (MMFN) is a part of the International Model Forest Network (IMFN). While IFMN' Secretariat is located in Canada, the MMFN initiative has been lead by the Regional Government of Castilla-Leon (Spain), by constituting the first Model Forest Urbión.

Model Forests represent an innovative approach, meant to become the example of how a forest should be sustainable managed in a particular landscape. They combine social, cultural and economic needs of local communities where forests are an important feature with the long-term sustainability.

Each Model Forest is constituted by a partnership which defines what sustainability means in their own context, develops a common goal, governance structure and strategic plan; then works collaboratively to achieve the goals set out in that plan. They comprise voluntary, broad-based initiatives linking forestry, research, agriculture, mining, recreation, and other values and interests within a given landscape.

The MMFN has the mission to promote locally-based forest landscape governance through creation of Model Forests across the Mediterranean area; and regionally to develop and support networking opportunities among model forests in order to accelerate learning and innovation.

EFIMED and MMFN share a common understanding of the strategic problems of forest landscapes in the Mediterranean and a vision of its future. Both institutions aim at enhancing quality of life in rural areas on both the Southern, Northern and Eastern rims of the Mediterranean sea. EFIMED, as the voice of forest science in the Mediterranean region, will provide scientific expertise for the establishment of a network of territories in which the concept of Model Forest will be developed within the Mediterranean environment.

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