ARCMED and EFIMED look for improved communication and networking

ARCMED is the Association of Mediterranean Forest Owners (Association des Propriétaires Forestiers de l’arc Méditerranéen). It was constituted in 2007, expressing the will of the private forest owners to have a legal body representing and promoting Mediterranean functions before administrations and organisation, defending the forests in the EU. They are part of the European Provate Forests Confederation (CEPF).

The private forest owners have shown a great interest in the Research Agenda, providing feedback and actively participating in EFIMED Annual Meeting.

EFIMED will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ARCMED, through which both institution will collaborat in the following fields:

a) Improving mutual information

b) Advocating for Mediterranean Forests

c) Developing joint activities

d) Improving knowledge exchange and technology transfer

Further information: www.arcmed.eu

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