Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda

Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda

One of the main tasks of EFIMED is the coordination and development of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA) that presents a joint vision on the challenges of Mediterranean forests and forestry as well as the main research priorities for the period 2009-2020.

The MFRA is an integral part of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of the European Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP).

Nowadays a draft of the MFRA is under consultation.
Download the MFRA draft for consultation >>

The National Support Groups (NSG) established within the FTP are discusing the draft of the MFRA in order to provide their comments and inputs. In countries with no NSGs, EFIMED has established Focal Points to organise the consultation process (see Focal Points below).

After receiving the comments from the NSGs, focal points and other stakeholder groups (NGO┬┤s, private and public forest owners) and relevant organizations (FAO Silva Mediterranea), EFIMED will prepare the final version of the MFRA.

National Focal Points


Focal Point



Mr. Haska Hajri



Mr. Miroslav Benko



Ms. Vassiliki Kazana



Ms. Shirra Freeman



Mr. Nabil Assaf



 Mr. Mohamed Sabir



 Mr. Zuheir Shater



 Mr. Hamed Daly



 Mr. Nesat Erkan


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