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AGORA project developments

detail_132x160.jpg : 36.01953125KbFollowing the AGORA workplan for mobility measures, Ms. Amira Gammoudi stayed one month at the University of Padova (Italy), Mr. Nizar Nasr spent one month in Avignon (France) working with the INRA team and Mr. Tahar Sghaier, Mr. Ali El Korchani and Mr. Abdelaziz Ayari were seconded to Lisbon (Portugal).

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Policy Advice Office of EFI to be established in Barcelona

The European Forest Institute (EFI) will establish a Policy Advice office in Barcelona by this autumn. EFIMED jointly with the Policy Advice office will move to new premises at the UNESCO cultural heritage of Sant Pau campus.

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Mediterranean Model Forests host research projects

The grants for conducting applied research in Mediterranean Model Forests have been awarded to Dr. Rafael Navarro (University of Córdoba) and to Dr. Jose Ramón Olabarría (Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia).

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EFIMED present at the Wildland fire Conference

EFIMED has participated in the International conference on “Living with Fire: Addressing Global Change through Integrated Fire Management” held in Sun City (South Africa) on 9-13 May 2011. Mr. Robert Mavsar, senior researcher in forest economics, presented “Development of a methodology for the analysis of socioeconomic impact of forest fires in Europe”, showing the results of the MASIFF project.

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Mediterranean platforms and databases

The internet platform ARABINNOVA.COM has been recently launched. It aims to disseminate the scientific culture of Arab countries, to promote the interchange of knowledge and experiences with Spain and Latin America and to reinforce the institutional structures of the educational and R+D systems in Arab countries. This platform is an initiative of the Asociación Espacio Cultural Árabe (AECA), an NGO based in Madrid (Spain), and has been developed by several research teams in Spain and Arab countries. Your intetituion can participate by contacting: info@arabinnova.com

On the other hand, FAO has developed a database on forests and biodiversity projects in the Mediterranean. It is available at: http://www.fao.org/forestry/68165/en/



New economic approaches in forest goods and services marketing
International AGORA workshop
12-15 September 2011 in Fez (Morocco)
Organisers: Univeristy of Padova (Italy), INRGREF (Tunisia), ENFI (Morocco) and EFIMED.

Mediterranean agroforestry and its role in the present environmental challenges
International Summer School 2011
4-15 July 2011 in Athens (Greece)
Organisers: Technological Educational Insitute (TEI) of Lamia (Greece), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), University of Florence (Italy), and University of Extramadura (Spain),

Restoring forests: advances in techniques and theory
IUFRO conference
27–29 September 2011 in Madrid (Spain)
Organiser: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Call for abstracts deadline: 1 June 2011

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Administrative & IT Support Assistant
At EFI in Barcelona (Spain)


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