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The results are published in the “Report on the mapping and characterisation of existing funding programmes and research capacities”.

To identify complementarities, overlaps, gaps, strengths and weaknesses in forest research a country matrix analysis was performed.

The data from questionnaires were organized in order to select eleven indicators:
(i) staff involved in forestry scientific organizations;
(ii) ISI papers published by forestry scientific organizations;
(iii) top five most utilized forestry journals;
(iv) top nine most prestigious journals (with highest IF);
(v) overall forestry research budget;
(vi) budget financed by funding bodies for forestry projects;
(vii) budget of forestry projects;
(viii) number of forestry projects;
(ix) inventory of infrastructures dedicated to forestry research;
(x) budget of forestry project per topic area;
(xi) most promising forestry research lines.

Access to the report and the Database including the data from questionnaires, addressed to funding bodies and scientific organisations, are available on the FORESTERRA Website.

More information: Victoria Sanz, victoria.sanz (at) efi.int

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