EFIMED Week Annual Meeting & Scientific Seminar 2014

EFIMED and the Technical Institute of Kavala, welcome you to Greece for the EFIMED Annual Meeting and Scientific Seminar 2014 which will be held in Kavala, Northern Greece on 5 -7 November 2014.

EFIMED’s Annual Meeting will discuss the strategic direction of the organisation over the coming years, within the context of developments at EFI and in the Mediterranean network, offering the opportunity for members to provide their ideas and views. Time will also be devoted to an update on the FORESTERRA and SUMMFOREST ERA-NETs and forthcoming research calls, as well as project presentations, including BeWater (FP7, Science in Society) and INFORM (LIFE/ENV).

A networking session will provide a dynamic opportunity for EFIMED members to present project results and new findings. Additionally, information will be provided on relevant project calls for 2015, such as LIFE+ INTERREG and Horizon 2020 and there will be opportunities for interaction and exchange amongst participants. 

Kavala1_250.jpg : 33.28125KbThe Scientific Seminar, “Profitable wood production in the Mediterranean: future or fantasy?” will explore the theme of innovative and profitable wood production in the Mediterranean. Increasing market prices for materials and energy are triggering renewed interest in the wood resources accumulated in Mediterranean forests over the last 50 years. Using this wood with low timber quality as fuel seems self-evident, but how to optimise its socio-economic and environmental performance requires close consideration.

Moreover, innovative use of this wood as an industrial resource, such as for highly refined wood-based chemicals, wood-plastics or liquid bio-fuels, could create further added value, but this requires resilience and can only succeed in a stable and resilient investment climate, which would imply improved governance in candidate areas.

Kavala2_250.jpg : 26.0126953125KbEvidently, many socio-economic and technological questions remain unanswered and a boost in research into these issues is needed. A first challenge is how to mobilise this scattered resource in a cost-efficient way. Modern harvesting technology is required, as well as investment planning on where to localise conversion plants. A second challenge is how to organise wood mobilisation so that it generates a stream of co-benefits from other ecosystem services. Interesting opportunities include improved fire prevention by decreased fuel loads, improved biodiversity conservation through creation of mosaics with old growth and intensively harvested stands, and increased water recharge through regular thinning, decreasing evapo-transpirative loss. Can these co-benefits also help with “profitability”?

Posters on this topic will be invited from young scientists, some of whom will be selected to participate in a panel discussion alongside keynote speakers. Details on the poster competition will be announced later in the year. An afternoon workshop session will allow participants to focus on specific scenarios or topics of particular interest to the Mediterranean situation.
We look forward to welcoming you to Kavala.

A draft programme, information for participants and registrations will be released soon.

More information: Mary Hirsch, mary.hirsch (at) efi.int

Photos: Vassiliki Kazana

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