The Joensuu Forestry Networking Week (JFNW) invites young and experienced scientists, professionals, policy makers, decision takers, and other stakeholders to discuss non-wood products and bioeconomy issues in Joensuu, Finland on 2-4 September 2014.

European forests and the forest-based sector have the potential to play an increasingly important role in fostering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, especially in the context of Europe 2020 Strategy. In the past, this sector has mainly been built around wood based products, while other goods, like non-wood forest products (NWFP) have not played a very prominent role. To unlock its potential the NWFP sector requires knowledge and tools to optimise the sustainable provision and profitability of NWFP and better understanding of the NWFP market potentials and of the role of innovation processes for new products and services.

The objective of the JFNW2014 is to provide the participants with a broad and complete understanding of the current situation of the NWFP sector in Europe. Furthermore, through discussions, interaction with stakeholders and working groups the participants will develop recommendations about the actions needed to unlock the potential of the NWFP sector, and making it a significant part the European bio-economy.

Targeted participants from various disciplines: young and experienced scientists, professionals, policy makers, decision takers, and other stakeholders. To facilitate an intensive interaction in groupworks and discussions, the participation is limited to total of 30 participants. The organisers have reserved a quota for the advanced students.
Registration fee: 100 EUR. The registration fee of max. 3 students will be waived.

Further information with tentative programme and instructions for pre-registration, is available in the JFNW 2014 website.

For further information, you can also contact:
Robert Mavsar, EFI (robert.mavsar(at)efi.int) or Katriina Pajari, EFI (katriina.pajari(at)efi.int)

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