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The fight against forest fires: an inconvenient truth?

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Photo: Bombers, Generalitat de Catalunya

The risk of forest fires in Mediterranean countries is growing at an alarming rate due to urbanisation and climate change.  However it is perhaps forest fire policies which could make the biggest difference in the fight against wildfires.  EFIMED's Marc Palahí calls for a radical policy change and challenges policy-makers to look to the long term if we are to protect our forests for the future.

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MEDfOR Masters pioneers to start studies

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Photo: Summer School in Chania, Elena Gorriz

International student pioneers will begin studies in Mediterranean forestry at various institutions across Europe next month in a ground-breaking new course which is part of the European Commission’s Erasmus Mundus Masters programme initiative.

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Grant recipient uses LiDAR to map fire risk in Urbión

One of the recipients of a 2011 Mediterranean Model Forest grant has completed a study on fire risk in the Model Forest of Urbión, Spain. Combining airborne LiDAR measurements with fire behaviour models, the study assesses fire risk at landscape level for forest management and planning.

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Four young scientists set to study overseas

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Amel Ennajah, Short Scientific Visit awardee

Four young researchers from Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey have been awarded EFIMED grants to conduct Short Scientific Visits to collaborating institutions within the EFIMED network. 

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EFI Annual Conference

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EFI’s Annual Conference will take place in Istabul, Turkey, this year from 3 to 5 October.

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Golden Firefighter Awards 2012

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Nominations are still being received for the 2012 Golden Firefighter Awards, “El batefuegos de oro”. The Award celebrates individuals and organisations who have made a significant contribution in the field of forest fire prevention, research or understanding.

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World Forest week

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The United Nations’ Committee on Forestry (COFO) will meet for their 21st session during World Forest Week this year. The meeting will take place at the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) Headquarters in Rome, Italy from 24 to 28 September 2012.

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