Four young scientists set to study overseas

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       Dimitris Sarris                                   Kahraman Ipekdal                            Rubén Manso

Each year, EFIMED offers grants for Scientific Visits for young researchers from any Mediterranean forest research and education organisation to visit another Mediterranean institution. These visits provide a unique opportunity for those starting out in their careers to get involved in international level forest research and cooperation, to learn new techniques and to use methods and tools not available in their own institution. Such visits also strengthen the EFIMED network by facilitating new transnational collaboration.

This year’s grantees are Amel Ennajah (Tunisia), Kahraman Ipekdal (Turkey), Rubén Mansó (Spain) and Dimitris Sarris (Greece). The researchers, who will be hosted by institutions in France and Israel, will spend up to a month working on projects which fall within one of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda priorities. Topics of study include forest growth modelling, biodiversity and ecophysiology.


Host Institution

Project Title

Amel Ennajah

Aix-Marseille University, France

Intra-annual xylem production in Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) in the Mediterranean south-eastern France forest by means of periodic micro-cores sampling.

Kahraman İpekdal

INRA Montpellier, France

Studying sequence evolution and population genetics in pine processionary moth populations

Rubén Mansó

INRA Champenoux, France

Modelling seedling establishment and survival in Pinus pinea forests in Spain. Management implications in a context of global change.

Dimitris Sarris

Ben Gurion University, Israel

Pinus halepensis response to drought in Israeli planted forests

More information: Sarah Adams, name.surname(at)efi.int

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