IUFRO Joint Meeting

A joint meeting of three International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) research groups focusing on forest insects and their impact was held in Antalya Turkey from 9-14 April.

The three groups represented were Entomological Research in Mediterranean Ecosystems, Cone and Seed Insects and Integrated Management of Forest Defoliating Insects. Participants attended from Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Albania, Sudan, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, UK, Georgia, Canada, USA, Sweden and Japan.

Presentations included details about forests and forest entomology research in Turkey, population genetics and insect biodiversity, emerging and exotic pests, insect biology and relation with host tree and other organisms, population dynamics and invasion processes and forest decline, insect survey and control, and forestry practices.

The meeting showed that Turkey’s geographic position and its geological history have led to a high diversity of forest insects and of tree-insect relationships at various scales. This diversity of species and relationships offers many possibilities for forest entomological research and these opportunities should be exploited in the future through increased cooperation between Turkey and other Mediterranean countries.

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