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During a field visit to Montseny Natural Park, Sylvamed project partners visited forest stands where sustainable management techniques are being trialled for the regulation of mushroom picking and for adapting efficient sylvicultural models in water use. This area is important for the harvesting of chestnuts, cork, mushrooms, pine cones and pine nuts and is an important zone for water catchment. Thlecture 5_250.jpg : 44.1416015625Kbe results of two projects were presented: “Silviculture for water saving”, by Carles Gràcia from the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF), and “Possible tools to implement in the case of water”, by Ignasi Puig from ENT Environment and Management.

The two-day meeting also enabled the partners to discuss next steps as this 3-year project draws to a close next year. Best Practice guides which will aim to influence forest policy in Mediterranean countries will be developed and published, based on the research and pilot projects carried out over the course of the project. The SylvaMED final conference will be held in June 2013 in Genoa where the project results will be presented for adaptation and application to other regions.

Photo: Sandra Torrebadella

The EFI Policy Brief 7 “Payments for Environmental Services: A Way Forward for MediterraPB7_PES_200.jpg : 31.4404296875Kbnean Forests?” was compiled within the SylvaMED and NEWFOREX projects and has been translated into French and Greek. The potential for PES to address specific problems of Mediterranean forests has been the discussion topic of the recent ThinkForest seminar in Brussels, a high-level discussion and information-sharing forum bringing together scientists and policymakers.

SylvaMED is coordinated by the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CTFC) with 8 partners from different Mediterranean countries: Slovenia, France, Italy, Greece and Spain. Sylvamed supports the development of a network of pilot projects for the implementation of different systems of payments for environmental services with the aim of providing tools and recommendations at policy level for evaluating the value of environmental benefits, enabling better forest management which will ensure the sustainability of forests for recreational use as well as from a conservation point of view.

This international project is funded through the MED Programme of the European Commission.EC MED programme_250.jpg : 27.23046875Kb

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