Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests meetings in Tunisia

The Enlarged Executive Committee meeting of the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions - Silva Mediterranea - was held alongside the Steering Committee of the Collaborative Partnerships on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF) in Hammamet, Tunisia from 2 to 6 December 2013.

Two main items were discussed during the Silva Mediterranea meeting:

1)      Discussion on the draft report of the ongoing external review

2)      Presentation of the Work Plans of several thematic working groups

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An external review of Silva Mediterranea is underway, implemented by a high level panel chaired by Christine Farcy, University of Louvain. The draft report discussed in Hammamet was prepared in 2013 based on interviews with representatives of member States, working group leaders and other key partners from the Silva Mediterranea. The final report will be ready by February 2014 and its dissemination to member States will be done in French/English by May 2014.

The final discussion with member States on the recommendations should be organised during an Extraordinary Session of the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions - Silva Mediterranea to be held during the Committee on Forestry (COFO) meeting in Rome in June 2014. 

Working gTunisia 3 250.jpg : 35.787109375Kbroups under the Silva Mediterranea umbrella highlighted the key achievements for the period 2012-2013 and approved work plans for the period 2014-2016.

During the CPMF Steering Committee, participants took stock of the CPMF Programme of Work in targeted countries (Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey) during the period 2011-2013. The Terms of References for the upcoming CPMF evaluation were also discussed in Hammamet. It was agreed that this evaluation should be implemented during the second semester of the year 2014 and will be funded by several CPMF members including FAO, FFEM, GIZ, Plan Bleu and the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Forest (MAAF).

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