MEDFOR masters classes at EFIMED Barcelona

The session offered the students the opportunity to attend presentations by researchers and staff from EFIMED and the EFI FLEGT/REDD Facility. The session, entitled “Trends of Forestry in a Global Change Context” (TRENDFOR) provided an overview of world, European and Mediterranean forests, analysing the current and expected situation of the forestry sector in the context of global change and discussing research needs in this context, with a special focus on the Mediterranean arMEDFOR_250 WC.jpg : 41.2705078125Kbea.

The talks included:

  • “The role of economics in resource (forest) management –past and future” by Nicolas Robert (EFIMED).
  • “Policies and policy instruments for the provision of ecosystem services” by Elena Gorriz(CTFC/EFIMED).
  • “Global forest policies: Introduction to FLEGT and REDD+” by Jussi Vitanen (EFI).
  • “Forests for Future and Building a Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda” by Inazio Martínez de Arano (EFIMED).

The international group included students from Bangladesh, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Russia, Japan and Spain.

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