Fire prevention awards

Elena Gorriz (EFIMED) along with a local journalist, a representative from the fire department and local forest engineers were invited to assess the internal organisation and outreach activities of award candidates on 23 November. The prizes are awarded annually to local Forest Defense Groups (FDGs) for the best regional fire prevention.

FDGs are local groups of volunteers in Catalonia whose aim is to improve fire prevention in their regions and provide a first response in case of fire. They constitute a platform where forest owners, farmers, regional technicians and other stakeholders can meet and work together towards a common objective.

FDG Terrassa won the first prize for the development of a smartphone application for geo-localising fire prevention-related incidents while conducting regular surveillance rounds. The second prize was awarded to FDG Puig Vicenç-Sant Boi for awareness raising activities during 2013 including dissemination of the silvopastoral approach for fuel-break maintenance. This was in part achieved through the local participatory process of naming the fire prevention mascot, a goat who was given the name La Cendra (meaning "ash" in Catalan)

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