The joint FTP-­COST Early-­Stage Researchers’ (ESR) Forum, which will take place in conjunction with the FTP conference, has already seen an outstanding response to the call for applications. Over 180 applications from early-­stage researchers, from a total of 29 countries, were received; 168 of which were from eligible applicants. As a result, COST has agreed to extend their financial support and 80 researchers (instead of 20) will now be selected to present their work at the Forum. This is an extremely significant increase on the last ESR, held on the occasion of the 7th FTP conference, and shows the extent to which the impact and influence of the FTP network has grown in the past 2 years.

Two projects from the 80 shown at the Forum will be selected as winners and have the opportunity to deliver their presentations at the FTP conference, on Wednesday 13 March. This will be a valuable opportunity for a broad range of forest-­based sector stakeholders, both from academia and industry,
to hear about some of the most cutting-­edge FBS research currently being carried out. 

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