Barcelona BioEconomy Forum 2014

Barcelona BioEconomy Forum is a global decision-making platform for leaders in bioeconomy development. Barcelona BioEco 2014 will take place at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona, Spain on the 27-28 November, 2014.

Barcelona BioEconomy Forum is a policy-oriented but science-based decision-making platform, bringing together top-level company leaders with policy makers, scientists, civil society and other opinion leaders. The Forum was initiated with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Catalonia, Spain, to promote the development of an economy based on renewable resources.

Barcelona BioEco 2014 will generate practical new ideas on how to optimally and sustainably utilise natural resources, promoting wellbeing and resource wisdom for multiple benefits, and solutions adapting to a changing climate and the diminishing availability of natural resources.

Barcelona BioEco 2014 is the first event in a series of bi-annual global forums on sustainable economic development derived from a wide variety of forest-based renewable resources and ecosystem services. The focus is on the challenges of the Mediterranean area and Southern Hemisphere – with strong global connections. The results will be disseminated widely in the form of practical recommendations for action from top decision makers to end users.

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Barcelona BioEco 2014 will take place at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona, Spain. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997, Sant Pau is an international centre for knowledge and innovation, home to cutting-edge institutions in the fields of sustainability, health and education.


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