FFEM project meeting: Lebanese delegation visits EFIMED offices in Barcelona

Mediterranean forests in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East will be increasingly subject to human pressures and the effects of climate change. The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) project aims to optimize the production of goods and services of Forests in the Mediterranean in the context of global changes. EFIMED’s involvement in this project is centred around the assessment of the socio-economic value of goods and services provided by Mediterranean forest ecosystems. Together with the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), EFIMED supports the countries participating in the FFEM project in determining methodologies to estimate the value of ecosystem services in the test sites and prepare a cost-benefit analysis.

The Barcelona meeting with the Lebanese delegation was the last of a series of meetings that helped to define the work plan and the objectives of the case studies in the participating countries. This included identifying ecosystem services of interest in the case study, selecting methodologies for valuing ecosystem services and defining scenarios to be evaluated using a cost benefit analysis.

The FFEM is a regional cooperation project which is supported by the FAO Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions - Silva Mediterranea, the new Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF) and managed by Plan Bleu and FAO (Secretariat of Silva Mediterranea).

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