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In early 2012, EFIMED launched a call for ideas, which was intended as a bottom-up exercise to start identifying and developing topics relevant to FORESTERRA ERA-NET, in the context of Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA) strategic interdisciplinary research themes. Based on this exercise, EFIMED Advisory Group proposed four cross-cutting strategic themes:

  • Understanding global change drivers, impacts & indicators on forest ecosystems: a Mediterranean scale approach (Global Change)
  • Fostering forest system resilience through managing biodiversity, from genes to communities (Biodiversity)
  • Multi-purpose forest landscapes management to enhance the role of non-wood products in rural development (Multipurpose landscapes)
  • Integrated watershed management for delivering forest water-related services (Water).

parallel_NL_250.jpg : 68.05078125KbDuring the last EFIMED annual meeting in Tunis on June 13 2012, the four themes were discussed through interactive and iterative group work. For each of the four themes, group work focused on keywords, as well as on identifying knowledge gaps regarding the understanding of the theme and on the challenges for managing and governing Mediterranean forests within these four cross-cutting themes.

Photo: Elena Gorriz

After the meeting in Tunis, EFIMED Advisory Group elaborated four draft documents describing the potential research needed to address the four strategic themes. These have been distributed, inviting comments from the EFIMED network.

In addition to these four themes, FORESTERRA will continue to explore other strategic activities detailed in the MFRA as well as the results of the ongoing mapping of research capacities and programmes under FORESTERRA WP2.

Comments and clarifications on the four strategic themes are welcomed by 31 August 2012.
Contact: Marc Palahí, name.surname(at)efi.int

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