In search of historical growth trends of black pine

Growth of trees and forest stands is an important indicator for many ecosystem services of Mediterranean forests such as wood production, carbon sequestration and green versus blue water production. Tree growth is influenced by many factors, mainly climate, site factors and genetics.

Changing growthtaurus mountains turkey 1_250.jpg : 86.6708984375Kb trends may reflect climate and other environmental changes such as air pollution or topsoil loss due to human induced erosion. For climate reconstruction, scientists specifically look for old trees with slow growth on extreme sites. 

Measuring, modelling and understanding growth of trees is of high policy relevance to EFIMED and its network of forest research organizations around the Mediterranean. Bart Muys (EFIMED) joined a Turkish-American-Swiss-Belgian team on an exploratory mission to study historical growth trends of black pine (Pinus nigra pallasiana) in the Taurus mountains of SW Turkey.

Photo: Bart Muys

More information: Bart Muys, name.surname(at)efi.int

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