INFORM-LIFE Final Conference Will be Held During EFIMED Week 2014

The INFORM-LIFE project final conference will be held during the EFIMED Annual Meeting & Scientific Seminar which is hosted in collaboration with the Eastern Macedonia & Thrace Institute of Technology (EMaTTech).

INFORM Life is an EU-funded project that promotes the development of a knowledge base on national forest policy. It is compatible with EU Initiatives on legislation and assessment and implementation monitoring for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). The project aims to make collection, analysis and dissemination of information more effective and cost-efficient.

INFORM-LIFE integrates SFM assessment and implementation monitoring processes at different spatial scales and promotes updating of forest management plans by incorporating participation tools and impact evaluation tools for SFM.

This year’s EFIMED Week will include presentations and discussion from the INFORM-LIFE project team at the Eastern Macedonia & Thrace Institute of Technology (EMaTTech). The sessions will cover the following topics:

• Forest Governance structures: How could they be used to assess and monitor sustainable forest management and policy?

• The INFORM-LIFE experience with the National Forest Governance Council in Greece: Function, problems, solutions, results

• Forest management plans: assessing and monitoring sustainability at the local level

The call is open for Case Studies and Posters for this year’s EFIMED Week Scientific Seminar Profitable wood production in the Mediterranean: future or fantasy?

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