Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

The Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) is a US-based forest conservation organisation who . have been working with Two Birds - One Stone, an Eco-Tourism Company based in Valladolid Spain, to develop a cork forest eco tour.

The focus of the tour will be to provide the tourist with a “total immersion” in the culture, gastronomy and cork forestry of three distinct cork forest regions.

The tour will include visits to the regions of Extremadura, Andalucia and Catalonia over 12 days. Staying in agrotourism accommodation within the cork forests, the tourist will participate in harvest activities and visit UNESCO cities, cultural and historic sites, all within the cork forest regions.

DONKEY250.png : 113.67578125KbIncluded in the tour will be visits to a Spanish ham facility, organic olive oil producer, organic/bio-dynamic wineries and artisanal cheese makers. In Catalonia the tour will include a visit to J. Vigas Cork Company, The Cork Museum and The Cork Institute.

Tours will take place four times per year, (during the harvest) and will be limited to 8 people per tour. The CFCA’s goal for these tours is to provide North Americans with a unique experiencethat helps dispel the misinformation surrounding the harvesting of cork, such as that the trees are cut down and that there is a cork shortage. The tours will not only function as educational eco-tours, but it is hoped that they will create a bond between the tourists, the forests and the people whose livelihoods depend on these forests.

The eco-tours website will be launched in September at the CFCA’s website and at the Two Birds- One Stone site.

More information:Patrick Spencer, Executive Director, CFCA, pspencer (at)corkforest.org

Photos: Patrick Spencer

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