Forest Management Case Study: Poblet Natural Site of National Interest

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The Poblet Natural Site of National Interest is a protected natural area of 2400ha located in the Prades Mountains of Catalonia, Spain. As in many other parts of the Mediterranean, forest management activities have been abandoned due to low profitability. The main ecosystem services today are recreation, conservation and mushroom picking. Currently, the main management motivation is to maintain forest health and regeneration. The management of the forest is executed by a professional team of public forest managers and supported by a management commission of stakeholders and experts. There is a long tradition of forest research in the area, which enters in dialogue with forest management.

Climate change in the region is revealing itself by rapid increase in aridity and more frequent extreme events such as droughts. Such changes will drastically impact forest dynamics, including the risk of forest fire. The level of these impacts and the adaptive capacity of forest ecosystems will affect the provision of relevant forest ecosystem services.*

poblet monastery_250.jpg : 41.6005859375KbParticipants to the EFIMED Field Trip will encounter at first hand a variety of management methods being implemented at the site including management of the coppice forest, grazing, mushroom production and climate change and drought experiments. The Field Trip will also include a visit to the restored C12th Poblet Monastery. Registrations for the Field Trip are still open as part of EFIMED Week 2013.

*This is an extract from “Forest Management – Case in the Mediterranean Region” by Bart Muys, Carlos Gracia, Marc Palahí and Xavier Buqueras, first published in EFI News 1 – 2013.

Photos: Bart Muys

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