COST Action NWFP Workshop

The European Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) Network, COST Action FP1203, held its first Workshop and second Management Committee Meeting at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, from 20-21 June in Lisboa, Portugal. More than 60 network members participated in the workshop from 26 countries.

The workshop opened with five plenary presentations:COST lisbon meeting2_250.jpg : 58.3837890625Kb

* Opportunities and constraints for gathering data and statistics on NWFP,  Paul Vantomme, FAO
* StarTree Project – Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products, a challenge and opportunity, Robert Mavsar, EFI
* Micosylva+ project: Mycosylviculture and valorization of wild edible mushrooms as guarantors of forest sustainability and multifunctionality, Fernando Martínez, CESEFOR
* Multipurpose trees in Zagori, NW Greece, Kalliopi Stara, University of Ioannina
* Game management in Portugal: an overview, João Carvalho, ANPC
Photo: Robert Mavsar

Subsequently, the four existing Task Forces (TFs) gathered in parallel sessions to start their work towards the Network’s objectives. This was followed by workshops to initiate the Working Groups (WGs). A final plenary discussion covered topics relevant for all WGs and TFs.

COST action field trip lisbon 2013_250.jpg : 55.8779296875KbThere was a field trip to the Companhia das Lezirias focusing on Portuguese non-wood forest products such as: cork, pine nuts, mushrooms, resin and game. It was an opportunity to visit different forest stands including cork oak (Quercus suber), stone pine (Pinus pinea) and maritime pine (Pinus pinaster). Information on the management techniques carried out by Companhia das Lezirias was provided by Rui Alves. Celeste Santos e Silva (University of Evora) explained about mushrooms under cork oak and pine stands. Margarida Alvim (Geoterra) presented a brief overview about resin from maritime pine in the current international and national context.

Photo: Joana Paulo

The Management Committee meeting addressed the current status of this COST Action, organisational planning and there was an agreement for the next events and activities to be carried out. 

More information: Luis Fontes,luisfontes (at) isa.utl.pt

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