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EC Success Story, AGORA: final conclusions

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Photo: Elena Gorriz

The FP7 REGPOT project for Advancing Mediterranean Forest research Capacities, AGORA, drew to a close in June after three and a half years of fruitful collaboration and valuable experience sharing.

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Visit Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site: EFIMED Week 2013

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Photo: Sarah Adams

EFIMED Week 2013 presents the opportunity to visit one of the most important Art Nouveau architectural sites in Europe.

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Effects of Fire and Climate Change in Mediterranean landscapes

fire modelling in Catalunya_Lluis Brotons_360.jpg : 80.8779296875Kb

Photo: Lluís Brotons

Researchers from the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia, working with Canadian partners, have published the results of a new study on fire suppression strategies in synergy with climate change on fire regimes in Catalonia.

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New uses of the forest: forest products and leisure, an opportunity for rural development

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The 6th Spanish Forestry Conference, "Forests: Services and Rural Development", focused on the role forests can play as an economic engine, a source for creating employment and as a means to improve quality of life.

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Joint call preparations, feature in Watch Newsletter, scientific cooperation with other Mediterranean Climate Areas and congratulations to SUMFOREST.

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JPI Water launches SRIA

The Joint Programming Initiative "Water Challenges for a Changing World" has published its first Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

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Croatian forest owners join CEPF

hsups croatia_150.jpg : 37.0185546875Kb

The Confederation of European Forest Owners has welcomed Croatia as an ordinary CEPF Member.

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EFI 20 years_160.jpg : 37.7666015625Kb

EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum
23-27 September 2013
Nancy, France

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8th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2013
23-25 October 2013
Bilbao, Spain

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medpine5_165.jpg : 30.92578125Kb
5th International Conference on Mediterranean Pines

22-26 September 2014
Solsona, Spain

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Lefèvre, F. Koskela, J., Hubert, J., et al. (2013) Dynamic Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources in 33 European Countries. Conservation Biology, 27 (2): 373–384 . DOI: 10.1111/j. 1523-1739.2012.01961.x

Brotons L, Aquilué N, de Cáceres M, Fortin M-J, Fall A (2013) How Fire History, Fire Suppression Practices and Climate Change Affect Wildfire Regimes in Mediterranean Landscapes. PLoS ONE 8(5): e62392. doi:10.1371/journal.pone. 0062392

Conserving the genetic diversity of Europe’s forests Science for Environment Policy, May 2013

Spanish Journal of Rural Development
The Spanish Journal of Rural Development (SJRD) has launched a new website.

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06couvlepindalep_130.jpg : 40.6708984375Kb

Prévosto, B. (ed.) (2013) Aleppo pine in France. 17 examples to understand and manage Éditions QUAE, isbn : 978-2-7592-1972-8

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The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its Annual Report 2012 and Environmental Statement 2013. The document describes the work carried out by the EEA last year.

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