8th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2013

The outdoor classroom is becoming a key component in delivering educational excellence, fostering creativity and innovation, love for nature and sciences, self confidence and social skills. A lot has been achieved in forest pedagogy over the last few decades but there is still much more to do. The 8th European Congress will review the state of the art in European forest pedagogy and include discussions on the need to identify new audiences, methods and approaches in order to face current significant challenges.

Objectives of the congress:
• To Exchange Best Practices and innovation in forest pedagogy
• To Identify emerging trends and needs for new approaches, methods and audiences
• To network, empower ourselves and learn together
• To have a great time, open discussions, hands on activities and field trips

Preliminary programme

Website and registration form

To register, send completed form to: comercialgruposbilbao (at) viajeseci.es

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