NEWFOREX: final conference

The final conference of the NEWFOREX project took place from 21-23 May, 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference was held back to back with the biennial meeting of the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE). NEWFOREX partners had the opportunity to present key findings from their respective case studies.

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The NEWFOREX project was coordinated by the University of Copenhagen over 5 years and received funding from the European Commission through FP7. EFIMED was one of the Consortium partners, which included partners from Europe and Brasil.

The project explored new ways to value and market forest externalities, with a focus on key externalities provided by European forests such as carbon sequestration, water provision, recreation and biodiversity.

EFIMED and the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) were responsible for the Mediterranean case study located in Catalonia, Spain. EFIMED conducted a valuation survey to estimate the preferences of Catalan society for the externalities provided by Aleppo pine forests. Aleppo pine is one of the most widespread forest ecosystems in Catalonia, but it often lacks active management structures due to its reduced profitability.

CTFC explored the policy instruments affecting the provision of forest externalities in the region and the attitudes of private forest owners towards economic incentives for the supply of such Ecosystem Services.

EFIMED and CTFC are now working on further scientific publications derived from the project. An initial overview of those already published can be seen on the NEWFOREX website.

Photo: Anders Roos

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