Silvamed Urban Forestry and Periurban Working Group Meeting

Granada250.png : 91.94921875KbThe University of Granada hosted the launch meeting of the SILVA MEDITERRANEA WG7 on Urban and Peri-Urban Forestry (UPF) in Granada, Spain. The Working Group participants summarised the first State of the Art on Mediterranean UPF (presented in 2013). The group then agreed a common programme for developing a strategy oriented at activities which will integrate data and approaches aiming to highlight UPF and Green Infrastructure in the policy agendas of Mediterranean countries.

The coordinators from Italy and Morocco, elected by the participants, will support activities for the next period. Some of the major tasks include: designation of a common typology of Mediterranean UPF/GI elements and spaces; development of common indicators and a database of case studies; and finalisation of a “position paper” on research and development in UPF/GI issues.

More information: Prof. Giovanni Sanesi, giovanni.sanesi (at) uniba.it

Photo: Paloma Carinanos

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