International collaboration on the State of Mediterranean Forests

The State of Mediterranean Forests is the first report of its kind, which is hoped to become a major information and monitoring tool to regularly assess the global changes that are affecting the Mediterranean region. The report uses already-available data collected by regional and international institutions in the context of other environmental assessment processes, analysing data gaps and suggesting improvements for future data collection.

state of mediterranean forests_150.jpg : 76.1259765625KbThe production of the report was a collaboration between national, regional and international institutions, the result of three years of hard work by a team at Plan Bleu and the FAO Forestry Department collating the contributions of almost 50 people and more than 20 institutions around the Mediterranean, including scientists from EFIMED and the EFIMED network.

The strength of the collaborative effort shows that regional cooperation on Mediterranean forests is alive and well. It is intended that further editions of State of Mediterranean Forests will be produced at five-yearly intervals, providing further opportunities to unify and mobilize partners in the management of Mediterranean forests and other wooded lands.

It is hoped that State of Mediterranean Forests will become a major tool for communicating with the general public while serving as a vital reference document for the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests and for all those with a stake in the future of Mediterranean forests and other wooded lands.

The III Mediterranean Forest Week was held from 17 to 21 March in Tlemcen, Algeria. In addition to the launch of the State of Mediterranean Forests, there was also a presentation and discussion on the draft of the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests which will include policy orientations for integrated management of forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean landscapes. A roadmap on Innovative Mechanisms for Funding was also presented.

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