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The ARCMED General Assembly, held on 7th March, was attended by representatives of the Confederation of Spanish Foresters (COSE), the Union of Southern Europe Foresters (USSE), the French Federation of Forest Owners (FFP) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Discussions centred on creating unified messages from the Mediterranean region to be presented to Brussels, underlining the need for continuing support for the development and modernisation of the forestry sector, and a contribution to the protection and recovery of Mediterranean forests.

The organisations will co-organise a seminar in October at the European Parliament with the aim of demonstrating the realities of Mediterranean forests to Members of Parliament and of offering policy options for promoting forest protection and continuous recovery. Forestry in Southern Europe is one of the economic sectors with the highest potential to generate employment and local growth, and can actively support Europe in achieving its growth target based on a green economy by 2020.

ARCMED brings together regional associations of private forest owners from the Mediterranean area. It works closely with the SylvaMED project on developing and promoting systems for payments for environmental services.

More information: Denis Boglio, denis.boglio (at) arcmed.eu

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