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A new COST Action was launched on 14 February in Brussels. Action FP1204 is entitled "Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests". 32 European countries (12 of the Mediterranean Basin) participate in this Action, alongside United States, Canada, Algeria, Armenia as external non-COST countries. FAO is also joining the initiative.

The Action, which will last for 4 years will permit several initiatives to take place, including conferences, workshops, training schools, researchers-exchange, scientific and technical publications. The main aim is to increase the understanding of the role of urban forests (UF) and green spaces in the context of Green Infrastructure (GI), especially focusing on services provided to people and the urban environment. Trees, parks, urban and peri-urban woods (green spaces categories included within Urban Forest) can mitigate temperature, decrease pollution, water run-off and soil erosion, increase aesthetics and quality of places, provide a place for recreation, education and learning. Trees can also contribute by direct and indirect ways to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and contrast ‘Global warming’. 

In short, trees in our cities considerably improve quality of life, increasing the health and well-being of the people.

COST_logo_final_colour_200.jpg : 33.1484375KbCOST is one of the longest-running European frameworks supporting cooperation among scientists and Researchers across Europe.

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