BIOECON are pleased to announce the Fifteenth Annual International BIOECON conference on the theme of “Conservation and Development: Exploring Conflicts and Challenges”. The conference will be held once again at Kings College Cambridge, England on 19-20 September 2013.

The conference will be of interest to both researchers and policy makers working on issues  in the area of biodiversity and land use policy, especially in regard to the management of natural resources in developing countries. 

Papers are specially invited on the themes of:
• Different institutional frameworks for resource conservation (property rights, etc)
• Developing countries and issues of governance and management of natural resources
• Development, growth and resource constraints, especially in relation to food security
• Resources management, distribution, development, poverty alleviation
• Land use management, population, and food security
• Valuation methodology and its application to biodiversity conservation
• Natural capital and inclusive wealth accounting
• Institution building for provision of global public goods
• Policy evaluation of biodiversity related policies. 

This year’s meeting will draw attention to the relationship between biodiversity and land use management, population and food security, and papers and sessions are invited on these themes. In addition, a policy panel discussion will focus on the theme of “Food Security and Biodiversity: Conflicts, Challenges, Policies”.

Registrations for the event will open on 1st June 2013. Registrations for conference presenters are due by 20th June 2013. Registration for all other participants closes on the 20th August 2013.

Further registration details and all other conference information will be provided on the BIOECON web-site.

Download the BIOECON call for papers

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