Monday 2014/03/31


FORESTERRA Partners Visit Australia

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Photo: Inazio Martinez de Arano

Australian Forest researchers and funding agencies have been invited to join the FORESTERRA ERA-NET following the FORESTERRA delegation visit to Australia in February.

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EFIMED Hosts Strategic Mediterranean-Russia Workshop

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Photo: Mary Hirsch

Twenty experts, scientists and policy makers from Russian and Mediterranean regions met in Barcelona on 20-21 March to discuss strategies and management approaches to address the increasing risk of forest fires.

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Inspiring Short Scientific Visit at EFIMED

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Photo: Mary Hirsch

Alessandro Leonardi visited EFIMED in Barcelona to complete his Short Scientific Visit (SSV) on testing the viability of payments for hydrological services in Europe.

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MMFN Grant Awardees 2014

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The scientific committee has announced this year’s Mediterranean Model Forest Network (MMFN) grant awardees.

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BeWater Project News

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Visit the new BeWater project website!

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Newforests Project Kick Off

The meeting was held at UQAM in Montreal, Canada.

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Collaboration between Catalonia and Lebanon

Developing the 40 million forest trees programme.

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When: 5-7 November, 2014
Kavala, Greece (Nearest airport : Thessoloniki)

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Urban and peri-urban forestry workshop
22-23 May, 2014
Granada, Spain

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29-30 April 2014

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3rd Meeting on Cork Oak Forests
22-24 October, 2014
Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria

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Open Calls

EFIMED Advisory Group
Call for Candidates

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Journal of Vegetation Science gives Editors’ Award to Jeanne Bodin.

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Bodin, J., Badeau, V., Bruno, E., Cluzeau, C., Moisselin, J.-M., Walther, G.-R. & Dupouey, J.-L. 2013. Shifts of forest species along an elevational gradient in Southeast France: climate change or stand maturation? Journal of Vegetation Science, 24: 269–283.

Pärtel, M., Chiarucci, A., Chytrý, M. and Pillar, V. D. 2014. Silver Jubilee of the journal and complexity of global change. Journal of Vegetation Science, 25: 1–3.

Nadal-Sala, D., Sabaté, S., Gracia, C. 2013. GOTILWA: un modelo de procesos que evalúa efectos del cambio climático en los bosques y explora alternativas de gestión para su mitigación. Ecosistemas 22(3):29-36. Doi.: 10.7818/ECOS.2013.22-3.05


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