Urban and peri-urban forestry workshop

The Silva Mediterranea Working Group is launching the Urban and peri-urban forestry (UPF) workshop to be held in Granada, Spain on the 22-23 May, 2014 

The Working Group on UPF was established by the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions - Silva Mediterranea, in the framework of its 21st session (Turkey, Antalya, 2-3 February 2012) with the mandate to develop an urban and peri-urban forestry networking strategy for Mediterranean countries. Its role would be to act as a neutral forum where nations could meet and develop agreements, as well as debate policy aspects on urban and peri-urban forestry issues.

Over the first two years of its mandate, the Working Group was coordinated by a provisional Secretariat involving Italy, Turkey, and the FAO Forestry Department’s Urban and peri-urban forestry programme. The many networking and promotion activities conducted have resulted in increasing interest and involvement of many Mediterranean countries in urban and peri-urban forestry issues. Fifteen Mediterranean countries (namely Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria) have i expressed their interest in becoming active members of the WG. In the light of this, and at the specific request of the countries, this first launching workshop will aim to bring together relevant experts, researchers and institutions dealing with the UPF issues, to debate on how to develop an active and efficient regional network and how to implement regional activities and cooperation in promoting projects within the region.

The importance of the implementation of the activities conducted by Silva Mediterranea and by the eight Working Groups created in its framework was confirmed during the III Mediterranean Forest Week (Tlemcen, Algeria, March 2013) where the participanting countries formally adopted the Tlemcen Declaration and committed to continue implementing actions and measures in order to achieve the objectives proposed in the "Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests: policy orientations for integrated management of forest ecosystems in Mediterranean landscapes".

These included
1) Developing and promoting goods and services provided by forest ecosystems and other wooded lands in the Mediterranean
2) Promoting resilience of forest ecosystems and other wooded lands in the Mediterranean to face global changes
3) Enhancing capacity of stakeholders and the resource mobilization necessary for the sustainable management of forest ecosystems and other wooded lands in the Mediterranean.

The Working Group on UPF is thus an important tool to implement the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests across the region with regard to the UPF forestry issues.

More detailed information on the meeting will be posted on the FAO webpage and on the websites of the other main institutions and organisations dealing with urban and peri-urban forestry in the region.
The event will be hosted by the University of Granada, which kindly offered to support the organisation and realisation of this event.

More information
- Ms Paloma Cariñanos Gonzalez (Universidad de Granada): palomacg (at) ugr.es
- Ms Michela Conigliaro (FAO, Forestry Department): michela.conigliaro (at) fao.org
- Mr Christophe Besacier (Silva Mediterranea coordinator): christophe.besacier (at) fao.org

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