AGORA selected as reference project

AGORA, now approaching its conclusion in four months’ time (it ends in December 2012), has successfully set up a sustainable international partnership between the most competitive forestry RTD centres of Mediterranean Member States (France, Italy, Spain and Portugal), an EU convergence country (Turkey) and two MPC’s (Tunisia and Morocco) to create a solid network in the frame of the European Research Area. It has enhanced the RTD capacities of a Moroccan forest research organization, ENFI and a Tunisian one, INRGREF specializing them in three key research areas for the sustainable management of forests in terms of scientific and technical human resources and infrastructures. AGORA has as well provided a unique window for opportunity to a new generation of scientists in North-Africa. Many young scientists from Morocco and Tunisia have been able for the first time to visit European research organizations as well as to interact with other European young scientist.

AGORA will also have long-term impact by being able to create new knowledge and scientific capacities to support the sound implementation of the XIth Tunisian forest development plan (2007-2011) and the Moroccan decennial forest program (2005-2014). 

The final conference of AGORA will be held in Tunis, Tunisia, on 12 June. The programme includes presentations of the impacts the project has had on the participating organisations as well as the young researchers’ scientific presentations. The programme includes various panel discussions on topics such as the policy impacts of the project. Welcome!

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