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EFIMED Scientific Seminar: Call for Posters

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Photo: Elena Gorriz

EFIMED’s Scientific Seminar 2013, taking place during EFIMED Week 2013, will explore the theme of Complexity Science. A Call for Posters on the theme is announced, with a Short Scientific Visit to be awarded to the Best Poster.

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Climatic Change impacts in Northern Morocco

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Photo: Ghallab Abdelilah

The winning poster in the EFIMED Scientific Seminar Best Poster competition 2012 described perceptions of risk and a vision for better resilience to Climatic Change in five Arab countries. The prize of a Short Scientific Visit was awarded to team member, Ghallab Abdelilah, who used the visit to further his work on Climatic Change impacts in Northern Morocco.

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Successful StarTree meeting in Riga

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Photo: Efa Doringer

StarTree General Assembly was a busy week for the 44 participants who met in Riga, Latvia, from 7-10 May. At least one representative attended from each of the 24 StarTree consortium partners who were hosted by the Latvian State Forest Research Institute (Silava).

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Influence of tree size, reduced competition and climate on the growth response of surviving Black pines after a surface fire

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Photo: Teresa Valor

After wildfire, surviving trees are of major ecological importance as they can help in the post-fire regeneration process yet little is known about their long-term growth response. A new study aims to explain short- to long-term variations in the postfire growth of surviving black pine.

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New coordinator for FORESTERRA, Management Committee meeting and Newsletter.

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Open calls & Events

EFIMED Week 2013

The Early Bird deadline for registration for EFIMED Week 2013 has been extended until 30 June 2013. Register now to guarantee your place!

EFIMED Market Place
4 September 2013
Barcelona, Spain
Deadline for abstracts:
31 July 2013

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Genetic, ecological properties of marginal populations
15 -19 July 2013
Chania, Greece
Deadline: 23 June 2013

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II Iberian Congress of Biological Systematics
25 – 27 September 2013
Barcelona, Spain
Abstracts: 30 June 2013

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Innovation for Decision Support

Research to innovate forest management and policy analysis processes will be supported by the online Community of Practice on Forest Decision Support Systems.

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Golden Firefighter 2013

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The first Golden Firefighter Technical Seminar of 2013 took place in Madrid on 25 April.

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Green Infrastructure

COST Action website launched.

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European Urban Forestry Forum

16th Forum held in Milan.
7 to 11 May 2013.

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Improving capacity for species conservation in North Africa, 10-13 June
Algiers, Algeria

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EFICENT-OEF report on Private and public forest ownership in Europe.

Valor, T., Pique, M., López, B.C., Gonzalez-Olabarria, J.R. (2013) Influence of tree size, reduced competition and climate on the growth response of surviving Black pines after a surface fire. Annals of Forest Science (DOI: 10.1007/s13595- 013-0284-x).

Brotons L, Aquilué N, de Cáceres M, Fortin M-J, Fall A (2013) How Fire History, Fire Suppression Practices and Climate Change Affect Wildfire Regimes in Mediterranean Landscapes. PLoS ONE 8(5): e62392. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0062392

Botequim, B., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Marques, S., Ricardo, A., Borges, J., Tomé, M., Manuela Oliveira, M. (2013) Developing wildfire risk probability models for Eucalyptus globulus stands in Portugal iForest Biogeosicences and Forestry

Climate Adaptation Research in a larger Europe: an analysis at national scale.
Preliminary Findings & Key Questions, CIRCLE-2 ERA-NET

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