Successful StarTree meeting in Riga

star-tree_crowd_RIGAweb_250.jpg : 98.8349609375KbDuring the meeting significant progress was made on protocols for data collection for the project and on timetabling activities to get the data collection process underway, a considerable undertaking across the 14 regional case studies.

Data collection will encompass the four important aspects of the non-wood forest products (NWFP) value chain:

  • Resource management
  • Economy & Marketing of NWFP
  • Institutional dimensions of NWFP
  • Innovation structures & processes.

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Photo: Efa Doringer

A field trip included visits to stakeholders and a multipurpose tree plantation with presentations from Latvian SMEs who form part of the Latvian Regional Stakeholder Group. Participants visited a basket-weaving SME who described how their now thriving business started “with one small basket”. They also heard from young entrepreneurs who have turned to the forest for their livelihoods: family-run businesses with innovative products such as hair brushes made of wild boar bristles and sparkling fermented birch sap juice sold as a non-alcoholic champagne alternative. The group tasted the birch sap and a health drink “Ho-Fi”, a sodium chlorophyllin-water solution, made from the waste biomass (small branches and needles) of pines and spruces cut for timber. 

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Time was also spent discussing the stakeholder engagement process and project dissemination. The StarTree project website was officially launched; please also follow StarTree on Twitter and Facebook.

More information: Robert Mavsar, robert.mavsar (at) efi.int

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