AM3.jpg : 171.546875KbEFIMED is pleased to launch the call for participants in the first EFIMED Market Place, which will be held during the 2013 EFIMED Annual Meeting.

A great chance to meet with colleagues and stakeholders in Barcelona, the EFIMED Market Place offers a platform for EFIMED members to introduce their activities to other Annual Meeting participants.

EFIMED network members are invited to make a brief presentation or poster on their institution / project / activity in relation to one of the four FORESTERRA strategic themes:

1. Global change: Understanding global change drivers, indicators and impacts on Mediterranean forest ecosystems: a Mediterranean-scale approach.
2. Biodiversity: Fostering forest system resilience through managing biodiversity, from genes to communities.
3. Multipurpose landscapes: Multi-purpose forest landscapes management to enhance the role of non-wood products in rural development.
4. Water: Integrated watershed management for delivering forest water-related services.

This presentation sessions consists of 10 short oral presentations or poster presentations. Time slots for presentations will be strictly limited to 5 minutes per organisation, with some time for questions if the schedule is maintained. The presentation session is a prelude to the networking session which follows.

Please note: Market Place presentations are invited for each of the themes listed above but it is not guaranteed that ERA-Net funding will be available for all of these themes as the funding call and financing is yet to be finalised.

Abstracts should be submitted by 31 July 2013 to the EFIMED Secretariat: efimed(at)efi.int

More information: Sarah Adams, sarah.adams (at) efi.int

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