Golden Firefighter 2013

Participants at the first technical seminar discussed the issue of safety in extinguishing forest fires, with speakers focusing primarily on the need for data collection on everyday incidents or accidents for analysis and documentation, so that repeated problems might be avoided.

From the point of view of both public administrations and private entities, the common objective is to prevent incidents or accidents that generate multiple and unwanted damage.

Ricardo Velez, President of Honor of The Golden Firefighter Award opened the day, followed by Juan Barroso of Agroforestry Europe, who explained the methodology used in the reconstruction of fire behavior in the case of the 2005 Saelices La Riba fire (Guadalajara). Jorge Rodriguez of Magrama, described progress in data collection to inform future decision making in reducing the number of accidents, a task that, to date, has not been carried out with sufficient intensivity.

Fernando Chico, who has worked for both public and private sectors, gave a presentation on experiences gained in accidents occurring during forest fires over the last hundred years, indicating possible solutions for future challenges. The particular perspective and specific issues associated with airborne measures was explained by Fernando Salvador, advisor to the association of helicopter companies, who spoke of the large number of potentially dangerous situations faced by aircraft during a forest fires, and their possible solutions. Finally, Marta Lestau, Director of the State Agency for Aviation Safety, described advances taking place in regulation and legislation, with the support of business and other public administrations, so that potential risk situations might be significantly reduced through collaborative effort.

Two hours of animated discussion and exchange followed the presentations, with participants sharing ideas on preventing accidents during fire fighting, with particular focus on preventing the loss of human life.

EFIMED is one of the sponsors of The Golden Firefighter Awards.

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