Global Workshop on Forest Accounting

The Global Workshop on Forest Accounting took place in Washington DC in May, organised under the Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) global partnership.

WAVES_logo.png : 12.74609375KbWAVES aims to promote sustainable development by mainstreaming Natural Capital Accounting (NCA), advocating that natural resources are included in the development and planning of national economic accounts. NCA is an important tool to inform policy decision making and foster transitions towards inclusive and green growth models.

Workshop participants included representatives from countries that are currently compiling or willing to compile forest accounts. The global partnership, facilitated by the World Bank, is already working in Botswana, Colombia, Costa Rica, Madagascar and the Philippines, and in three new countries—Guatemala, Indonesia, and Rwanda. The diverse profiles of the workshop attendees included national accountants, statisticians and environmental managers as well as representatives from NGOs such as the UN statistical division, Conservation International and FAO forests.

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On the agenda were policy questions, practical case study presentations, discussions on compiling indicators for populating accounting tables and presentations on data and indicators for compiling physical accounts. An important feature was the presentation on the approach of the Sourcebook on Forest Accounts, which is being developed within the WAVES partnership’s framework and objectives.

EFIMED researchers are collaborating with experts from across the globe in the development of this Sourcebook that will help to guide countries in the compilation of forest accounts. EFIMED’s participation in the WAVES partnership also includes the elaboration of training materials, and arose out of the expertise developed in CREEA and NEWFOREX projects.

The proposed Sourcebook will update the Forest Accounting Manual published by FAO in 2004 using the current System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) 2012 methodology. The SEEA 2012 is an internationally agreed standard on environmental accounts that facilitates analysis of the impact of economic activity on the environment.

It is expected that the Sourcebook will become a reference point, making forest accounts understandable for a broad audience outside the accounting sector.

Live presentations on Natural Capital Accounts from the WAVES partnership meeting are available here.

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