Golden Firefighter Award Winners Announced

Elsa Varela represented EFIMED as one of the judging panel in this year’s Golden Firefighter Awards.

The Golden Firefighter Awards (Batefuegos de Oro) were established in 2002 in order to promote the value and raise awareness of proper forest management, protection of resources and preventative and remedial action against forest fires. There are six official categories including education, research, awareness-raising, prevention, and suppression. There are also special mentions for individuals or organisations who have made a significant contribution to forest fire prevention over the course of the year or during their lifetime. The ultimate goal of the Awards is to reduce the number of forest fires which occur across Spain every year.

EFIMED was awarded the 2011 prize for its international work on forest fire related issues, in particular for the publication of the discussion paper “Living with Wildfires: What Science Can Tell Us” and for EFIMED’s summer schools and grants which enable young researchers to make an impact in this important field.

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