MODULE 1 - Forest Management Certification (24h)
MODULE 2 - Carbon Audit and Project Development (16h)

Special Guest Low Carbon Emission Night: The Gold Standard and CarbonFix

The course is addressed to auditors, consultants, rural development project designers, NGOs, students and anyone interested in advancing knowledge in forest management and climate change (forest managers, land-use planners, responsible purchasers, inĀ¬vestors and advocacy groups, and those with an interest in practical approaches to conservation).

Forest management auditing is evolving very quickly and auditors are required to be endowed with multiple capacities and expertise.

An intensive course to prepare forest management auditors and a unique access to new skills, professional knowledge and job opportunities.

Competent and experienced auditors and lecturers will drive you through a deeper understanding of standards, methodologies and auditing techniques. By means of exercises and simulations you will be directly involved as a protagonist.


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