Natural regeneration of pine forests

This publication is the result of the Scientific Transference Seminar which took place on 20th – 21st May 2010 in Valladolid (Spain). Participants in the seminar included researchers from the University Institute on Sustainable Forest Management (Universidad Valladolid – INIA-CIFOR) together with forest managers and technicians from Castilla-León forest service and land owners involved in the management of these stands.

Francisco Javier Gordo, Rafael Calama, Marta Pardos, Felipe Bravo, Gregorio Montero (eds .) La regeneración natural de los pinares en los arenales de la meseta castellana. Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Gestión Forestal Sostenible. Universidad de Valladolid-INIA, ISBN: 978-84-615-9823-6.

The book can be downloaded for free!

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