IUFRO 24th World Congress in Salt Lake City

Founded in 1892, the IUFRO is among the oldest science societies in the world. This year Bart Muys represented EFIMED at the 24th edition of the annual Congress in which was held in Salt Lake City. The Conference was attended by 2400 participants and included 1300 oral presentations and near to the same amount of posters.The Conference attracted large numbers of international participants with over a thousand oral presentations and hundreds of posters.

Bart2_250.jpg : 26.7138671875KbBart made gave two presentations; in the first he underlined the importance of improved forest information as a means to strengthen forest governance and its relationship with other sectors like agriculture, energy and conservation. In the second he presented a new approach to evaluate the carbon neutrality of the forest value chain. As you can see from the pictures, October is the perfect time of year to visit Utah (Acer grandidentatus, Populus tremuloides, Juniperus osteosperma).

Bart3_250.jpg : 37.322265625KbThe new IUFRO World Series book “Forests under Pressure: Learning from Case Studies” was presented at this year’s IUFRO Conference. Several EFIMED and former EFIMED team members (Bart Muys, Irina Prokofieva, Robert Mavsar and Marc Palahi) co-authored a chapter on the water-related ecosystem services of forests. The chapter discusses the effects of forest management and forest policy on the water-related ecosystem services in three case studies, two of which are in the Mediterranean Region.


There was also good news for Guisseppe Scarascia Mugnozza who was awarded a Scientific Achievement Award at the IUFRO World Congress.

iufro2014_250.jpg : 41KbGuisseppe Scarascia Mugnozza is Chairman of EFIMED Advisory Board, as well as being a Board member at EFI. He was awarded the Scientific Achievement Award for outstanding research published in scientific journals, proceedings of scientific meetings, books, appropriate patents or other achievements important to the advancement of regional or world forestry or forestry research.

His work at the leading edge of forest science focuses on understanding the effects of climate change on the forest environment. He developed new methods for exposing whole trees to elevated atmospheric CO2, pioneering ecosystem-level assessment of forest productivity and carbon sequestration by eddy covariance. Professor Mugnozza also helped to start the first eddy flux experiment and establish networks in Europe and worldwide.

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