StarTree Featured on euronews

The four-minute news item "Picking your moments: the science behind foraging in forests" is featured on euronews along with a shorter piece on "Who owns mushrooms in a forest".

The programmes were made following a visit to Joensuu, Finland, in August 2014 by euronews senior producer Denis Loctier. StarTree partners from Metla and Joensuun Tuote ja Vihannes Ky were interviewed for the programme, along with stakeholders from the North Karelia Regional Stakeholder Group and StarTree project Coordinator, Robert Mavsar (EFI).

StarTree had its 5th General Assembly meeting in Padova, Italy from 28 – 30 October where the Consortium met to discuss the In-Depth Case Studies, Action Research, Supply Chain Survey and Work Package progress and next steps. Full report to follow in the next edition of EFIMED Netowrk News or visit the StarTree website for more details.

ECflag_text_left_150.png : 13.3515625KbStarTree is a pan-European project to support the sustainable exploitation of forest resources for rural development. StarTree is funded by the European Union through the European Commission's FP7 Cooperation Work Programme.

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