EFIMED Week & INFORMLIFE Final Conference Field trip Announcement

The last day of the EFIMED annual conference is traditionally dedicated to an excursion to explore the forests and forest-related activities of the region where the event is held. This year, the one-day field trip will take the group to the “western & south-western Lekani forest” of Kato Nevrokopi in northern Greece.

The western & southwestern Lekani forest of Kato Nevrokopi extends across an area of about 20,000 ha between the mountain massifs of Orvilon, Falakron, Vrontou and Menoikion located in the northwestern part of the region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace. It is a place known for its harsh winters, but also for its natural beauty and history. The area is covered by mixed forests with boreal conifer and deciduous species, such as Abies borisii- regis, Pinus leucodermis, Pinus sylvestris, Fagus sp., Quercus sp., Fraxinus angustifolia and Ostrya carpinifolia.

factory_250.png : 58.572265625KbThe field trip will offer participants the opportunity to visit one of the most important forests, in terms of wood production, in the country. They will also have time to talk to the forest management officers about the management regimes of the forest, the economic issues of production and local employment, as well as opportunities for further development.

The field trip will also include a visit to the Alfawood factory, which uses raw material as part of the production of pellets. In addition, the field trip will offer a visit to the historical bunker Lisse which was one of the most important during World War II.

The EFIMED Week Scientific Seminar: Profitable wood production in the Mediterranean: future or fantasy? will explore the theme of innovative wood production in the Mediterranean.

Field trip detailed programme

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Photo: Vassiliki Kazana

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