Cuisine from the Forests

A new cookery book, Cuisine from the Forests, has been published including recipes all made with produce grown in sustainably-managed, PEFC-certified forests.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), Spain, presented the publication in Madrid on 9 October 2014. The book was written in collaboration with top female chef Charo Val using products from sustainably-managed and PEFC-certified forests.

Ana Belén Noriega, Secretary-General of PEFC Spain, explained that the recipe book forms part of a wider project known as Tastes of Sustainable Forests, the aim of which is to promote PEFC-certified products within the food industry.

The project was launched in late 2012 when PEFC carried out an assessment of how produce with forest certification was appreciated in the ‘haute cuisine’ sector by surveying Spain’s top chefs and most renowned restaurants. The survey revealed that 81.6% of respondents believed that their patrons would warmly welcome the presence of wild forest products from a sustainable source in their culinary creations and considered that forest certification provided the consumer with guarantees in terms of traceability, thus enhancing the saleability of forest products in Spain. The head of the sustainable forestry association stressed clearly that all stakeholders in the forestry world “have to depict the forest from a fresh angle, from its flavours and its aromas, from the viewpoint of bio-economy and the value of all the resources it provides us with”.

Charo Val pointed out the need to bring sustainable gastronomy in closer touch with the end consumer: “What we truly need is for producers to place their produce on the market; all of us should search for and support the PEFC logo as a guarantee of sustainable sourcing”.

Once the presentation and speeches had concluded, attendees were offered miniature versions of the various recipes in the book followed by a luncheon designed by Charo Val based on forest products, including Iberico ham from animals reared on pasture lands in Andalusia that are sustainably managed and hold PEFC certification to prove it – the first food product to be awarded such a distinction.

Cuisine from the Forests includes products, techniques and practical tips designed to enable the reader to implement sustainable cooking with a forest bouquet. Apart from revealing some of the mouth-watering delicacies hidden in the forest, how to get the most out of them in the kitchen and the importance of sustaining their usage, it also features twenty recipes based on products with various possibilities in cooking and pastry-making: fungi, truffles, aromatic plants, pine nuts, chestnuts, honey, free-range Iberico ham, etc. This 106-page recipe book has been printed on PEFC certified paper, from sustainably-managed forests and controlled sources.

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