New Director at EFI

Dr. Marc Palahí has been appointed as the new Director of EFI.

The new Director will start his 5-year term on 1 January 2015. The decision was made by the EFI Board and the EFI Council gave its assent to the appointment. The Director is based at the EFI Headquarters in Joensuu, Finland.

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“Marc Palahí is a visionary leader and he has an impressive track record in developing networks and joint initiatives, as well as in fundraising and leading research and policy support in an international context,” states Chairman of the EFI Board, J. Bo Larsen.

For the past two years, Dr. Palahí has worked first as Deputy Director and most recently as Interim Director of EFI. During this time, he has been responsible for the overall coordination and integration of EFI’s strategic activities related to research and policy support.

EFI needs to be a catalyser in developing an ambitious European forest research area and supporting a coherent forest-related policy framework,” states Dr. Palahí about his vision for the institute. “I believe that EFI should become a science-policy platform that builds a common understanding of European forests,” he concludes.

Dr. Palahí has a PhD in forestry and economics and a M.Sc. in forestry engineering. Previously, he has worked as a Head of EFI Mediterranean Regional Office, EFIMED, where he has been coordinating research, capacity building and networking activities among a network of 40 research and education institutions from 18 Mediterranean countries.

EFI is an international organization established by European States. EFI conducts research and provides policy support on forest-related issues. With its Associate and Affiliate Member organizations, five Regional Offices and three Project Centres, it offers unique forest research contacts and collaboration at the European level. The Institute has app. 130 staff members and an annual turnover of app. 12 million Euros.

More information: Anu Ruusila, Head of Communications, anu.ruusila (at) efi.int

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